Meet The Woman Changing The Face of Mental Health in the Black Community

Amber is the black female counselor that created a safe space for black women to learn about mental health and find a black female therapist.

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3 min readMar 22, 2021
Image: Amber Dee website

Amber Dee is a licensed professional counselor who launched two platforms that facilitate the process of searching for black therapists in the United States. Amber launched Black Female Therapists when she struggled to find a black female therapist herself. She realized that there was a major demand for therapists that understood the unique experiences of members of the black community. Therefore, she took it upon herself to meet that demand.

Amber launched Black Female Therapists alongside a full-time job, and she expressed in an interview with Voyage LA that it has been a difficult and arduous road. However, she persevered and the business is currently thriving.

What is Black Female Therapists?

Black Female Therapists is a search platform for black women to find black female therapists. The site also houses a blog and a podcast and it provides mental health advice and support.

Visibility for black female therapists is paramount, according to the Health and Human



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